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iLounge's iPod sport remote review roundup

iLounge's iPod sport remote review roundup
Donald Melanson
Donald Melanson|@donmelanson|October 24, 2006 12:51 AM

While any review of a "sport" product from a gadget site has to be taken with a certain grain of salt, those looking for a more athletic-oriented iPod RF remote need look no further than iLounge, who have rounded up three of the top contenders: the Belkin SportCommand, the Scosche 150' Wireless RF Sport Remote, and the Monster iEZClick. Though they may not have put 'em through some of the same abuse that the target audience likely will, iLounge nevertheless gave top honors to the Belkin remote, finding it to be the best designed of the lot, with buttons big enough to be used wearing gloves, and a wireless receiver that actually works better than Belkin's claimed 50 feet. Its biggest drawback, not surprisingly, is the price: $80. They also found a lot to like about the Scosche unit, although the tiny buttons proved hard to manipulate wearing gloves and the aesthetics left a bit to be desired. The Monster iEZClick got the lowest marks, with a bulky design and the weakest RF transmitter of the bunch, although it is water and shock resistant, not to mention slightly less expensive than the other two. We'll leave it to the outdoors-types among you to report how well they hold up in more extreme sports -- and, no, Segway polo doesn't count.

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