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OSIM's iGoGo MP3 player / personal massager reviewed

OSIM's iGoGo MP3 player / personal massager reviewed
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|October 27, 2006 3:35 PM

Since you can't take your iJoy ZipConnect chair everywhere you go, OSIM has a portable solution to your "musical therapy" needs. Boasting a stylish enclosure and a pair of massage modules, the iGoGo DAP performed its therapeutic magic surprisingly well -- once the kinks were worked out, that is. Reviewers at CNET were quick to praise the uniqueness of the device, but didn't hesitate to knock the "disappointing monochromatic interface, meager 128MB of internal storage," and the complete inability to play back any format besides MP3. While you can add a few more playlists via the MMC slot, they would've preferred a more expansion SD / CF option; furthermore, the player only mustered about 7 hours of battery life with massage mode in full effect. The crew noted that the "massagers suffered from frequent connection drops," but when things went smoothly, they provided a "truly blissful and relaxing massage experience." Still, for over $400 the iGoGo sports too many archaic features to be considered a true contender, and if relieving stress is your primary concern, you may be better off spending that coin in a day spa.

[Thanks, Ficky Rick]