Apple reveals "touchscreen" iPod? Not so fast...

Ah Apple, what will we ever do with you? Leading us on to believe such incredulous things such as a next-to-definite Apple tablet, an almost-certain iPhone, sure-to-be-impending widescreen (and wireless) iPod, forthcoming iSight-ed Cinema Display, and an 802.11n-compatible iTV may actually see the light of day. So, here we are again, and this time it appears that some quick-fingered editor has some explaining to do, as we just so happened to have read the words "All other Notes feature capabilities described in this document are support for iPod models with display screens, beginning with the touch-screen models." while perusing through the October 10th edition of the iPod Notes Feature Guide. While fanboys will surely grasp on to this utterly amazing glimmer of hope, the skeptic in us has to wonder if this isn't just an unfortunate slight of hand, perhaps regarding the term "touch-wheel," referring to 3G+ model iPods. While we sure wouldn't complain if some "unplanned event" happened to unveil a snazzy new media device from the depths of Cupertino, we all know Apple doesn't like to leak anything from within before an official release -- but hey, we don't mind a bit of crow every now and then. [Warning: PDF link]

[Via MacDailyNews]