Apple's iPhone: the rumor resurrected

We're hoping on hope that Apple launches the iPhone at their event next week -- why? So we can stop reporting all this radio chatter about the damned thing and put it behind us already; it's been more than a year since the rumors really started flying, and as with just about every Apple event, now they're starting in again. Today Shaw Wu, the oft quoted Apple lovin' analyst from American Technology Research, says it's to be believed that Apple's "near completion" of the production unit (which will take form as a candybar), and that the launch will go down next week, assuming the Jobs seal of approval. Now, truth be told, we've heard from some reliable sources that Apple's not waiting on the hardware, but on Cingular's HSDPA infrastructure, but whatever the case may be, we hope you'll be merciful on us for our reportage, we're trying to spare all but the most important stuff, ok?