H3TV: LCD with "multiple" built-in Xbox 360s, for players

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.08.06

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H3TV: LCD with "multiple" built-in Xbox 360s, for players
Aw snap, it looks like we've got some hot new competition in the um, all-in-one LCD/gaming console/sound system market. H3Enterprises -- the "first publicly traded company dedicated to the hip hop culture and lifestyle" -- is getting set to unveil its mysterious (albeit very gangster) H3TV on SpikeTV's "Video Game Awards." While the press release is quite ambiguous in describing the actual device, we're told that this off-the-hook unit will boast "the highest resolution in the industry" (likely 1080p), house "multiple Xbox 360 consoles" (saywha?), and include GenAudio's 4D "Astound Sound" -- which is proudly dubbed "the finest sound system available anywhere." The "multi-functional computerized television display" is slated to hit the company's own webstore, as well as be available through special deals with Mitsubishi and Circuit City, real soon. Hopefully H3Enterprises will hit us up with some juicy specifications soon enough, but until then, we'll just hope its stock rises above the ten cents per share mark that it's currently sitting at -- ya know, so they can actually afford to mass produce this dealio.

[Via IGN]
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