Resistance using a single sign-in ID for online play

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|11.08.06

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Resistance using a single sign-in ID for online play
Well, Sony had already confirmed that each game for the PS3 will use the same universal sign-in and online ID, but some will have the option to use an extra buddy list system via xfire, like Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom. As for Resistance, UK producer Dan Brooke "wishes to be clear that Resistance uses the PlayStation online ID to sign into the game. There is no separate login for Resistance and the online ID you create will be the same you use for all titles." All right, so basically, don't make your ID "fallofmanfragger" or else you'll look foolish in an online... like... Sonic match or something.

As far as other features Resistance will offer, you've got some advanced community junk like clan support, party support, match-making and the more or less mandatory ranking system. The PS3 doesn't currently have these options as a standard, so those are specific to Resistance (does that mean you won't rack up entitlement points or whatever? Bah, online squabbling). In essence, this is still dangerously close to the PS2's online system, but give it a few software updates over the course of a year and it should be a viable online console.
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