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Thanko's heating action continues with USB-powered Eye / Seat Warmers

Ah Thanko, how we adore your USB-powered oddities. From Japan's king of off off-the-wall gimmicks that are just too cute to pass over comes two new warming products just in time for the holidays. While we're sure the ladies are already rocking the G-Gloves, and the fellas are mousing it up within the toasty confines of their blue whale, here's two more reasons to leave the central heating unit off this winter. The USB-powered Eye and Seat Warmers (the winterized USBHCU01, pictured after the jump) both feature on / off switches and varying temperature controls, and receive all the power they need to keep you fired up from one of your sure-to-be-unoccupied USB ports. While the company is leaving us out in the cold regarding pricing or availability, we're sure these will be stuffing stockings everywhere in just a few weeks.

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