Texas Memory Systems' builds freakin' fast RamSan storage

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|11.21.06

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Texas Memory Systems' builds freakin' fast RamSan storage
Do you want a high-end disk to go with your ultra-fast InfiniBand setup? (We do.) Texas Memory Systems has just built some super-speedy solid state storage that can operate in pure InfiniBand (that's an extremely fast serial data connection) and mixed-InfiniBand environments, and due to its low latency and high speed, the company claims that its disk is the fastest storage in the world. The RamSan drive has seriously ludicrous access times -- usually in the neighborhood of 15 microseconds, 250 times faster than your garden-variety hard drive for mere mortals. Further, it's got up to 50,000 random I/Os per second per single-ported controller, which is more than 100 times quicker than regular off-the-shelf drives. We're not sure how much this will cost, but you can bet that it'll be a lot more than the under-a-dollar per gigabyte trend that we've been seeing lately, and will be used only by very particular businesses for very particular needs. Like ours, for, um, whatever the heck we want.

[Via TechWorld; thanks, Evan]
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