DNP unveils daylight-friendly Supernova Flex Screen

While the Claro TV fights off the dimness so often associated with watching front-projection in broad daylight, and Planar's Xscreen claims to work without the gargantuous pricetag, now there's yet another firm in the mix of miracle-working screens. Germany's DNP has unveiled the Supernova Flex Screen, which claims to deliver "ten times" the contrast and "double" the brightness compared to standard screens when used in daylight. Available in both fixed and retractable versions, and in widescreen sizes up to 120-inches (100-inches for 4:3 versions), the Supernova is reportedly compatible with all LCD, DLP, and LCoS projectors. It also sports an "ultrafine" .0065-millimeter pitch along with a "high-contrast filter" that allows the projected image to be reflected by the screen while it absorbs incidental light from other sources. While we've no idea how much DNP plans to charge for this daylight-friendly device (nor if it actually works as claimed), we shouldn't have to wait around too much longer to find out.