iLuv unveils iss314 sound system for Samsung's Yepp T9

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.05.06

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iLuv unveils iss314 sound system for Samsung's Yepp T9
While there's plenty of alarm clocks and mini stereos tailored to work seamlessly with your iPod, all those other DAPs seem to come out with the short straw. iLuv's making sure at least one other alternative gets some accessorizing love, as the firm has just announced its second dedicated speaker system for Samsung's Yepp T9 in the past week. While the iss277 touts an iHome-esque alarm clock design, the iss314 sports a circular speaker area with the T9 slot residing front and center, providing a convenient look at the current track title and a charging port to boot. The device also boasts an aux input for any other musical input, as well as a dedicated subwoofer output for adding the low-lows that these mini systems oftentimes lack. While we're not sure when you South Koreans will see this on store shelves, the 33-watt sound machine will run you 139,000KRW ($150) whenever it does.
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