Panasonic's TH-103PF9UK 103-inch plasma now shipping

As if the massive billboard just before the Lincoln Tunnel wasn't drool-worthy enough, and if you've been pinching those pennies ever since this beauty became available for pre-order, your wait is at long last over. Panny's mighty expansive 103-inch plasma is ready to go, and can be shipped out to your domicile right now for the not-exactly-convenient price of $69,999.95. While none of the specs have changed, at least this thing can start finding its way onto delivery trucks after all the gazing that's been done, but you might want to rent a forklift to hoist this monster up your stairs when it arrives. Oh, and if the 70 large is a bit too steep for you at the moment, Panasonic's being all generous and offering "special finance rates" if you prefer to make payments on this thing until kingdom come.