Babes & bikinis & blood, oh my!

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Babes & bikinis & blood, oh my!
Onechanbara VortexThe latest installment of the Onechanbara series will debut on Xbox 360 next week in Japan. Is it significant that this cult franchise has jumped from PlayStation 2 to Xbox 360? Has Microsoft finally scored a key victory in Japan? Definitely not. In fact, Microsoft likely prefers to distance itself from this unexceptional achievement.

As Onechanbara Vortex opens we find our heroine washing off the day's grime, her schoolgirl sister eyeing the news just as zombies emerge. Newly rinsed, our heroine elects to don a cowboy hat, bikini, and blade, and, joined by sis, embarks on a bloody quest to save the world. The one-button hack n' slasher is rounded out by a dress-up mode.

While seemingly an amalgamation of two high-profile titles -- Dead Rising and Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 -- Vortex's budget production likely means the game will never see release outside of Japan.
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