Upcoming VC releases


Thus far, Nintendo has decided to keep the exact releases of Virtual Console Mondays a secret until the day-of, leaving us gamers biting our nails in mind-numbing suspense. Sega's official website and a major in cryptology have given us three gleaming glimpses in the future.

First, from Sega's camp, the classic space-shooter Space Harrier II (1989) will see the light of day next Monday, the 18th of December. Furthermore, on Christmas Day, they'll drop cult-favorite and this blogger's most anticipated VC title, Toe Jam & Earl. Awesome.

From Hudson, their website left the internet-at-large with this little clue:

WHICH GAME COMES NEXT? This one is a doosy. Truly a classic. Here's your first clue:


Yes, I know. that's freakin cryptic. If no one can figure it out, I may drop another clue tomorrow.

Good luck!

Brilliant minds came together, formulas were solved, chemicals were mixed, and lo, the secret was revealed. VGCE0590PG46 stands for Video Game and Computer Entertainment, May 1990, Page 46. Dig up a couple of old magazine scans, and voilà! The game is Military Madness, a turn-based strategy game with a fairly large following.

Couldn't they have just told us right out?