Cingular follows Sprint, ups pay-per-use texting fees to $0.15

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.15.06

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Cingular follows Sprint, ups pay-per-use texting fees to $0.15
Ah boy, here we go again. First there was drama galore when Sprint-Nextel jacked its pay-per-use texting fees from $.10 to $.15, convincing enraged users to demand their contract be terminated sans fees, and now we're headed right back into that same jungle with Cingular. In an apparent attempt to "sway" customers to add on a Messaging Package or Media Bundle, Cingular has announced that effective January 21, 2007, all SMS messages "sent or received on a pay-per-use basis" will cost you fifteen pennies. Unsurprisingly, some users aren't exactly thrilled with a portion of their bill getting hiked up by 50-percent (hey, it is what it is), and are looking for a way out. Thankfully, some users at PCSIntel, HowardForums, and other various locales have confirmed that if you get the right CSR on the line (and sound convincing enough), you can have your contract zapped without paying the $150 fee. Of course, this waiver depends on you not already having a texting package in place, but if you were ever looking for a way to sever your Cingular ties, now's the time.

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