Macworld Adobe Photoshop CS3 Preview

Mat Lu
M. Lu|12.15.06

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Mat Lu
December 15th, 2006
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We just told you about the pending release of a public beta for Photoshop CS3 this Friday. Well the good folks over at Macworld magazine have scored a bit of a coup. They have a video preview of the new release which includes an interview with Photoshop senior product manager John Nack. He says, among other things, that getting Intel native code in Mac users hands was the driving force behind this public beta (though one must observe that public betas seem to have become something like standard policy over at Adobe considering the Lightroom and Soundbooth betas). Also in the video are teasers of new features like "Auto-Align Layers" that seems to allow very quick and easy combining of separate images. They also have a "First Look" with even more information.

In any case, here's something to amuse you Photoshop junkies until the release, and finally proof that Adobe still has some love for the Mac.
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