PS3 launching at $974 in Mexico

Justin Murray
J. Murray|12.15.06

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PS3 launching at $974 in Mexico

The biggest key business model Sony and Microsoft uses when selling their gaming consoles is to sell them for a loss and make up the profits later with royalty income. Sony, however, has decided to buck this trend when selling the PS3 in Mexico. The price will leave all but the most fortunate Mexican citizens without the means to obtain the game console.

Sony has decided to graciously sell the 20GB PS3 model in Mexico for an astounding 10,495 pesos, or $974 at current exchange rates. The PS3 is a touch higher than the UK's £425/$835 (the UK is getting the 60GB model only), but UK citizens also make 7 times as much per year as the typical Mexican citizen, making the price far more unreasonable. Hey, at least they aren't charging a full year's income, like the Xbox 360 in India.

Selling your console offering for more in clearly poorer nations -- why not just sell them at the same price as everyone else -- is a strange trend. At these prices, we think Sony should just give up on the Mexican marketplace entirely. A few measly units isn't going to do the business good, especially when they'll be snapped up by US or Japanese consumers who will likely spend far more on software.

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