Project 8: ragdoll physics gone wild [update 1]

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Project 8: ragdoll physics gone wild [update 1]
Update: Several readers have informed this non-Tony Hawk playing blogger that Project 8 does have a bail mode. Very well then, at least the video is still funny.

One of the hellspawn from Joystiq tipped us off to a video of Project 8 yesterday. The video is basically just a long reel of spectacular bails. Seriously, these bails take skill. So much skill in fact, we think Neversoft should borrow a page from Flatout and consider giving bails their own game mode. Just imagine it: "perform a bail and make your body fly through the 'O' in that sign." We'd play it ... we'd play it 'til our eyes bled. Check out the bone crunching, spleen bursting action after the break.

Ouch. Any of you have any highlight reels you'd like to share?
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