Screen Sieve

Laurie A. Duncan
L. Duncan|12.21.06

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Screen Sieve

Yellow Lemon Software recently introduced Screen Sieve, a new screen-searching utility for Mac OS X. Screen Sieve is one of those apps you don't really "get" until you start using it. It allows you to perform a search within any window in any application that supports Accessibility in Mac OS X - and most apps do. When invoked (the default hotkey is Command-Option-Return [??????Return] ), you start typing what you are looking for and Screen Sieve will fade your display and highlight all instances of what you're typing. Not just text, either. It'll look at images, buttons and other objects, too. It's kind of like what happens when you type into the little search box up top while you're in System Preferences - except it works everywhere else and it's customizable. Check out the short demo movie if you're having trouble visualizing it.

You'll need Mac OS X 10.4.x to use it and you'll also need to check the box that says "Enable Access for Assistive Devices" in the Universal Access system preference pane. As an added bonus it's Universal Binary and donationware, which is similar to free, depending on what kind of mood you're in.

Warning - if you use SoHo Notes, the default shortcut for Show QuickNote is ??????Return as well so you'll need to change the hotkeys in one (or both) of these apps so they don't conflict.
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