Street Fighter's Blanka: an electrical oompa loompa

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|12.24.06

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Street Fighter's Blanka: an electrical oompa loompa

This and other gems are what you get out of the third installment of Street Fighter: The Later Years. It's a brilliant ongoing series at that follows the lives of everyone's favorite Street Fighter characters, years after the game has come and gone.

This is the sort of thing we'd like to see on G4, or any sort of video gaming channel. Toss in this, some Red vs. Blue, some in-game feed, game guides, This Spartan Life, a World of Warcraft show, and some Major League Gaming, and you've got yourself something people will watch.

Of course, we need to cram a Joystiq show in there somewhere. Video is after the jump. Give it a whirl, and brace yourself for Christmas.

Note, if the video isn't embedded for some reason, like's code not being up to snuff, then click the image above or here for the vid.

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