Red Kawa brings you more stuff to optimize your PS3!

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|12.26.06

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Red Kawa brings you more stuff to optimize your PS3!
Wow! These guys just crank out the downloads. If it's not one thing, they're releasing another. Now we've got a third download for our PS3's, in regards to file streaming between the PC and the PS3. It's kind of an update to the previous file sharing program, but not. They call it the successor to the previous program. So get rid of the "File Server" program and download this one! What should be noted, however, is that the new program is a streaming process for the web browser and streaming cannot be done directly onto our lovely XMB. We've still got to go the "old-fashioned" way with our memory sticks and whatnot to move stuff there.

That's really about it for that. There's a few releases for the Wii as well, but that's not the console we're concerned about at this site. You can surely check them out if you'd like (if you've got a Wii or if you're just curious) because they do sound worth your time. Good stuff, Red Kawa! And guys, seriously, if you enjoy the stuff these guys dish out, consider donating to their cause!
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