Trouble finding those COGs? We can help!

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|12.26.06

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Dustin Burg
December 26th, 2006

Over the holiday break we were diligently trying to locate the last few COG tags in Gears of War so we could get those special COG achievements. And we still haven't succeeded. But, after beating the game in both hardcore and insane difficulties and coming out with only 28 COG tags, it still just sucks. So, after some quick Googling we've stumbled upon a few great resources for those of you who need some help locating those tags.

First, here are some written instructions that explain which act and chapter each COG tag is located and a short description. Second, above is a YouTube video showing each and every COG tag location in the game ... and comes in at a relatively low six minute watch. Hopefully these two information sources will help those of you who can't get those COG tag achievements, and if not .... well then you're screwed buddy.
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