Shadowrun beta responsible for Live outage? [update 1]

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Shadowrun beta responsible for Live outage? [update 1]
So, we all know about the Live outage last night. If you didn't know about it, perhaps you heard the collective shriek of millions of fanboys screaming simultaneously. That's usually a pretty good indicator that something has gone wrong. Officially, we don't know why the outage occurred. All we know right now is that Major Nelson is sniffing around for answers. Of course, we wouldn't be fanboys if we didn't concoct a theory of our own. 360 Fanboy reader, Eric, noticed that the Shadowrun beta officially began last night. A post on the Shadowrun community forums presents and interesting twist on the outage theories:

"There are currently some issues propping the beta build to the production servers. We are trying to get the beta out tonight but it may be delayed somewhat. More information will go here as soon as it is available."

The question is, did the beta cause the Live crash, or is it just a coincidence? This is the first time a public beta has been put on Xbox Live Microsoft run beta on Xbox Live-- and Shadowrun is the first game to utilize Live Anywhere -- so it is conceivable that it could cause unforeseen problems. Hopefully Major Nelson will clear it up next week.

Speaking of the Shadowrun beta, did anyone make it into the first round?

[Thanks, Eric]

Update: Okay, so it's not the first beta, but, to be fair, PSU was hardly a beta at all, and FFXI runs on its own servers.
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