Japanese hardware sales, 18 Dec - 24 Dec: New Year's Resolution Edition

Jason Wishnov
J. Wishnov|12.29.06

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Jason Wishnov
December 29th, 2006
Japanese hardware sales, 18 Dec - 24 Dec: New Year's Resolution Edition
Cross 'em.As we here at the Fanboy ready ourselves for the revelry of a new year, we must turn back and view 2006 through shiny, gold-tinted glasses. It's been a full twelve months of taking names and kicking ass (look forward to a special Review of 2006 series), but we can't help but think that we could do better.

What's in store for 2007? The Wii looks to hit it's stride with games like Sonic and Secret Rings, Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, and dare we even say it, Super Smash Bros: Brawl. As online play is finally implemented, we're going to bring over Game Night from DS Fanboy, so you can have your chance to beat the crap out of us bloggers. We'll be starting up a series of Fanboy podcasts quite soon, and we'll be bringing some new talent into the fold as well.

Let's not forget, of course, the reason you guys come here in the first place: the weekly Japanese Hardware Sales posts. In case you've missed the hilarity (most of the posts came on DS Fanboy exclusively, as Wii numbers were obviously not available for most of the year) there's a run-down of every edition after the break. We're curious: which were your favorite? Let us know! We look forward to 2007, readers, and have a wonderful New Year's!

And holy hell look at those DS Lite numbers.

- DS Lite: 485,584 165,876 (51.88%)
- Wii: 279,277 171,040 (158.02%)
- PSP: 138,588 89,626 (183.05%)
- PS3: 76,882 5,940 (8.37%)
- PS2: 46,209 8,479 (22.47%)
- Xbox 360: 17,213 45 (0.26%)
- Game Boy Micro: 2,394 903 (60.56%)
- GBA SP: 1,858 9 (0.48%)
- Gamecube: 1,250 98 (8.51%)
- DS Phat: 380 222 (140.51%)
- GBA: 57 15 (35.71%)
- Xbox: 11 8 (266.67%)

[Source: Media Create]

ARG Edition - A hearty congratulations to Kurifurisan, Mr. Scolex, Oro, and Jennifer for successfully completing last week's ARG! For the complete solution, check the original post; it's been updated with all the answers. You guys'll get your stars soon!

Terminator Edition - The DS Lite has taken over. Only one man, Reggie, can prevent the scourge ... but is it too late?

You'll Just Have To Watch And Find Out Edition - You still have to watch to find out. Still, our finest directorial and editing skills should not be missed.

Choose Your Own Edition Edition - Linearity is so out of style. It's up to you to track the villain down!

Brainy Edition - We're not sure if anyone actually took the time to complete our assiduously crafted crossnumber puzzle, but that's okay. It makes us look smarter than you.

Supply and Demand Edition - Back then, we guessed that the DS Lite would outsell the PS3 by a factor of 6.13 to 1. As of this week, can calculate the totals: 1,769,996 DS Lites to 353,169 PS3s. The official ratio, then, is 5.01. Not bad, if we do say so ourselves.

Stream-of-Consciousness Edition - This post led many to question to use of mind-altering substances in the weekly edition posts. Believe what you will, readers ....

Borat Edition - Sexy time!

Nintendo All Hallow's Eve Edition - In which Reggie calls George Harrison a bitch. Awesome.

Oscar Acceptance Speech Edition - Who could say no to such a prestigious award? Apparently, not the PSP.

Corner Drug Dealer Edition - The devil's Fun Dip, if you will.

Dungeons and Dragons Edition - We roll natural 20s. Always.

English Sonnet Edition
- We knew those English classes would come in handy one day. We didn't know they would be used to glorify sales data from Japan.

Thick Irish Accent Edition - Or should we say Oirish?

Verbose Edition - a mainstay in efficacy, our glib cornucopia of language is inscrutable.

Crazy-Religion Edition
- Look out. Mention religion on a blog, even in jest, and the crazies come out of the woodwork to bite.

First Edition - In truth, our very first edition is unnamed. Still, this trailblazer of a post paved the way for countless laughs to come.
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