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Parrot debuts 3400LS GPS Bluetooth car kit


Parrot's introducing a new device today, the 3400LS-GPS, a Bluetooth car kit equipped with GPS that can send the vehicle's position to a smartphone or PDA. Apparently, it's the first time a Bluetooth hands-free kit has been combined with a color LCD and a GPS receiver (though we're hesitant to peg that as truth). The system should be compatible with most navigation software, including Navigon, Route 66, Tom Tom and Viamichelin, as well as most all Bluetooth-enabled phones and PDAs. Once installed, the 3400LS lets you make and receive calls using voice recognition, and pipe those calls through your car's speakers. It'll even let you sync up ringtones and wallpaper with your cellphone. Doesn't appear to be any word on price just yet though, so stay tuned.

[Via Slashphone]

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