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Moto and Oakley thump out the A2DP O ROKR


Motorola and Oakley went back to the drawing board for the successor to the RAZRWIRE's "Bluetooth headset glued to a pair of shades" throne. Turns out they forgot to do much drawing, and their resulting O ROKR product looks (and feels) just as weak this time around, though thankfully they're adding A2DP for piping stereo tunes from your spankin' new ROKR E2. Oakley also claims they're totally upping the ante as well with High Definition Optics or some such marketing speak, but unless they're bringing us a few sets of 720 or 1080 pixels when these launch in the first half of the year, we're going to withhold the term HD from some mere UV blocking shades.

[Thanks, Buzz]


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