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Apple Store 50% Office discount ends 1/31/06

David Chartier

MacMerc caught that the Apple Store's "up to 50% discount on Microsoft Office" promo disappears at the end of this month. The basic rundown is:

  • Buy a new Mac
  • Buy Office for Mac or individual apps such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint from select retailers
  • Mail in rebate (PDF link)
  • Profit
  • The rebate form states you can take advantage of this offer on up to 4 Mac Office combinations, but all eligible items need to be on the same receipt - and what a receipt that will be! One quirky thing about the rebate is that it includes a two-question survey. The first is "Prior to this offer, were you aware that Microsoft Office runs on a Mac?" while the second asks if you would still be buying Office or even a Mac if it weren't for this offer. I guess Apple is checking in on just how vital Office is to Mac users. Preparation for a new run with a (hopefully) updated iWork '06? In a mere five days we'll hopefully have an answer.

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