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CES: More light is better

Matt Burns

Ambilight. Have you ever seen this in person? I think it is kind of neat, yes, it is a gimmick, but still, it is neat to see. The only qualm I have with it is that it does not work if the TV is on a stand. At least it does not work well. Philips demoed the newest version of it yesterday however and they upped the ante. It now has lights on both sides and the top!

They did not release any other details about it but let me run down the normal specs of a Philips consumer level 42-inch plasma as I am sure they would be the same. Two HDMI ports with dual tuners for PIP, two component inputs all stuck in a thick bezel. I hoped they moved the Vesa mount to the standard position. If you have ever hung a Philips 37-inch or bigger display you will know what I mean. The bolt pattern forces you to use the extension bars on the mount. Pain in the butt.

Once it is on the wall though, the Ambilight looks cool.

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