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CES: Visteon's dockable entertainment featuring GBA


Mario was on-hand this morning when Visteon officially unveiled its latest dockable entertainment system featuring Nintendo's GBA under a tent outside of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Visteon's Greg Gyllstrom called the unit the "ultimate backseat babysitter." Available this spring, the docking station features a drop-down screen with inverted image capabilities and car stereo integration. In addition, the system comes standard with wireless headphones, wireless (infrared) controller, and wired gamelink capability with a separate GBA. Nintendo's Peter Eck described the partnership as "a little unusual," as Nintendo rarely licenses its hardware to third parties.

Although this will certainly help to solidify the GBA's dominance in the portable market, we found that the Visteon prototype on display was not up to par with GBA standards. The generic controller features five face buttons (a, b, c, d, and select), "help" and "back-up," and R & L buttons on the rear. Visteon's rep explained that the five face buttons will translate into 3 a-buttons and 2 b-buttons. Huh?

The video resolution also left much to be desired. While the GBA feed will not fill the entire 10.2-inch screen, it has been stretched into 16:9 (from 4:3), making for an awkward transition. However, Visteon claims that the retail model will feature an even bigger, sharper image. Needless to say, the engineers have their work cut out for them.

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