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Creative's Fata1ity 2020 mouse

Kevin C. Tofel

It takes a professional gamer to make a professional gaming mouse these days, so Creative enlisted Johnathan "Fata1ity" Wendel for the new Fata1ity 2020 mouse. We'll call it the "2020" for short; there's something just not right about subbing a number for a letter when you're typing. An HD-Optix laser engine powers the 2020, making it capable of measuring 15G's of movement and acceleration. As if that wasn't fatal enough, you can mod the mouse resolution on the fly and even use internal weights for just the right balance. Teflon coats the 2020, which begs the age-old question, "If nothing sticks to Teflon, how does Teflon stick to the mouse?" Availability looks to be early 2006 in Europe with pricing just under $70. But for a little extra coaxing on that next mouse purchase, Fata1ity is even at the Creative booth on the CES show floor challenging attendees to 4 minutes matches of Quake 4. No word on any fata1ities.

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