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Palm Treo 700W review roundup: Mossberg says it "doesn't beat 650"


Verizon just announced availability of the Palm's Windows Mobile-powered Treo 700W yesterday and already the reviews are pouring in. Of interest is Unkie Walts review of the 700W which he compares to his "every day" phone the Treo 650. Despite some "nice new features" he comes down hard on the 700W calling it "inferior to the Palm software for one-handed use on the go" labeling the email and phone functions as "weaker." Bottom line, the 700W "is neither as easy to use nor as powerful as the Treo 650" and costs twice as much. While Windows Mobile fans will like it, as will some corporate IT departments, he advises "everyone else" to stick with the Palm-based Treos. Ouch.

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