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Bill Gates on 360: "The thing is just hot"

Dan Choi

It's harder to get more unintentionally honest (as far as truth-in-advertising is concerned) than this pre-CES quote on the warmer-than-most Xbox 360, but here it is: Bill Gates thinks his new machine "is just hot."

He was actually talking about the 100 hours he spent playing with it over Christmas, but you gotta love the Hilton-esque praise he and Steve Ballmer had to offer Microsoft's latest console in a talk with CNET earlier this week. It's also good to know that it's "quite hot in the Ballmer house" as well (with the 360 finally making it into the CEO's home), thanks to a certain sweaty next-gen basketball game.

For more comments that didn't make it into Big G's CES keynote, check out the third page of the full interview here. Here's another random quote on the 360 to take out of context: "It's something."

[Thanks, m3mnoch]

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