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CES: Blu-ray specification is done, full list of supporters and titles


Well, Blu-ray is done, which I'd hope it would be, what with them announcing players and content and all. If you're interested in licensing the Blu-ray technology you can get in touch with your local Blu-ray licensing agent and execute the secret handshake licensing agreement.

Also we've got the complete list of player manufacturers, computer software, and launch titles from Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Lionsgate Home Entertainment Eagle Rock Entertainment, as well as the Japan only content announced so far.

LG Electronics, Panasonic, Pioneer, Royal Philips Electronics, Sony Electronics, Samsung

Computer Drives: Panasonic, Pioneer, Royal Philips Electronics, Sony Electronics

Blu-ray Disc Media: Sony DADC, TDK, Verbatim/MKM

PC Applications: interVideo, Nero, New Tech Infosystems, Sonic

Buena Vista Home Entertainment titles: Kill Bill: Vol. 1, Hero; Dark Water, Ladder 49, The Brothers Grimm, The Great Raid, Armageddon, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Dinosaur, Everest

Lions Gate Home Entertainment: Lord of War, The Punisher, Devil's Rejects, Saw, T2: Judgment Day, Reservoir Dogs, Total Recall, Dune, Rambo: First Blood, See No Evil

Eagle Rock Entertainment: 20 music titles from artists including George Benson, Usher, the Black Crowes, Miles Davis and the Pixies


Japan only movie releases: Angel Seekers, from Air TBS; New Cinema Paradise, from Asmik Ace Entertainment, Inc.; Steamboy, from Bandai Visual Company, LTD.

Already announced Blu-ray titles:

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