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Yellow Dog Linux 4.1 is available


Ah, I can remember that day when I first loaded Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) 3.0 onto one of my old Mac 4400's (a dull box of a machine if there ever was one). KDE was poky and my single button ADB mouse made things less than fun, but there it was, my first foray into Linux.

Now Terra Soft announces the availability of Yellow Dog Linux 4.1. Changes in this release include:

  • Support for backlit keys (cool)
  • Support for Atheros wi-fi cards
  • USB device auto-mount under both KDE & GNOME
  • Support for the latest Apple PowerBooks
Also, the kernel has been updated to version 2.6.15-rc5 and basic 64-bit development and runtime support has been added. Check it out if you've got an older Mac sitting around (get a full list of officially supported machines here). YDL is available in three retail versions: A box set with installation support will run you $89.95US (This also includes a book, Frisbee and a sticker), the same box with no support is $59.95US and the "geek edition" (no manual, no support, CDs only) is $29.95US.

[Via MacMegaste]

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