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What may sound silly at first, are you addicted to gaming? You can't deny how enjoyable games can be, but what about when you finish a game just for the sake of finishing, even after it has lost its appeal. From the article: "I'm a college student struggling with video game 'addiction,' and I heartily agree that the sunk cost fallacy plays a very large role in the 'lure' of video games. While evidence suggests there is a possible chemical addiction to dopamine or adrenaline released when playing games, I would maintain that the 'addiction' is much more psychological than chemical."

SUNK COST FALLACY: When a person feels compelled to continue performing a certain behavior because he has previously invested time in the behavior and does not want to feel as though his investment was wasted ("gotta finish this stupid game, although I'm bored with it").

There are obviously many factors that could lead to an addictive gaming nature, but the above seems to be a very reoccurring pattern. So what exactly makes video games so darn alluring, even to the point of addiction? And are there any success stories out there in overcoming an addictive gaming habit?

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