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Local news team: "games make folks aggressive"

Knoxville's Tennessee's local CBS affiliate, WVLT, has a terse and generally uninformative news blurb entitled, "Study: Violent video games do make folks aggressive." The 77 word news story informs people that although "many moms and dads have said this for awhile now, and it's mostly fallen on deaf ears... researchers have determined if your children play violent and aggressive video games, they are more likely to be aggressive, commit violent crimes, and are less likely to help others."

What a great service they've provided to those hard working "folks" in Knoxville! Thanks for the entirely informative and balanced reporting WVLT!

In wholly unrelated news, WVLT is also prominently reporting in their "News Headlines" box:

  • Sword-wielding thieves strike clinic, arrested
  • Body, Head mystery remains unsolved
  • Kentucky teacher arrested in Mexico; teenage boy returned
  • Missing boy found in Knoxville
Of course, the video game industry's previously uheard of desire to package and promote violence must have been genuinely shocking to the good "folks" at WVLT, so much so they must have been unable to write more than their summary judgement.

This blog post is over twice as long as their video game story. If you'd like to read more on this study, please visit Game Politics instead.

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