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You saw Lost right? (spoilers)


Did you catch the images in the "monster" as it faced down Eko? I don't have any screen grabs but Kevin might later, the'yre talking about it over on TV Squad also. Thanks to the high definition DVR I was able to make out the images as they flashed by, this wasn't so much of an HDTV easter egg as a Tivo-egg, because there's no way you would be able to see all the images without frame-by-frame.

  • Church
  • Eko as a child
  • a woman
  • the man he shot
  • his brother and the gun
  • an upside down picture of Eko coming out of the water after the plane crash
  • the man who pushed him off of the missionary plane
  • the woman who sold the figurines
  • two flashes of Eko holding his dying brother
  • Jesus on the cross
All they need is a subplot about how Eko used to be in a wheelchair and he and Locke will officially be the exact same person.

One of the best shows in HD is back and it should be an interesting rest of the season.

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