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Macworld vs. CES, the 2007 grudge match


The dates for next year's Macworld are out: January 8 to 12. And the dates for the 2007 CES? January 8 to 11. Well I guess there won't be all those media and company heavy hitters in the VIP section of the keynote, will there? According to C|Net, CES had a contractual obligation which forced the move. The last time this happened, in 2002, Macworld attendance dropped over 5%.

Now, what were the big announcements in 2002 at Steve's keynote? Let's see, a beta of Palm desktop of OS X. There were 27 stores open (beating the goal by a whopping 2). Lots of OS X ports, essentially. And a little app called iPhoto was launched, and at the time it was free. Oh, the sunflower-inspired iMac was introduced, along with a new iBook (14"). And Apple's stock was trading at less than $25.

So what do you think? Given the choice, I can only assume most TUAW readers would pick Macworld. But what about the rest of them? Will Engadget split the duties, or will TUAW have to pick up the slack? All I know is that I plan to be back in San Francisco, hopefully gazing upon another beta of Palm desktop (cheap shot, I know).

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