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Possible Revolution menu screen

Blake Snow

The above video image comes from via Google Video and appears to be some kind of menu system, presumably for Nintendo's forthcoming Revolution console. The name found on the video reads "Nintendo RS" and is dated 12/29/2005. Upon first viewing, you might think you're starting to play Electroplankton, but in the final frame or two there is an image of menu options. Nintendo RS is clearly seen at the top left corner and you can see a "Start Game" and "Introduce a DVD" option.

The Google video page includes the following description: "Menu beta that Nintendo gave the companies." We're not sure who uploaded the short video, and/or if it was in fact by Nintendo of Japan, but the Nintendo RS moniker is very similar to the Nintendo DS logo in style.

It's been so long since the last bit of Nintendo speculation that we just had to blow your minds with this one. If you haven't already, see it for yourself.

[Thanks, TxCub420]

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