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JVC expanding HD-ILA offering

Matt Burns

Speaking of JVCs HD-ILAs: no, they're not going to have LEDs in them just yet, but JVC is bring one more line out. Deets are a bit sketchy right now, but they are at least telling us the price. The first series will have a 56-incher, 61-incher, and a big 70 with prices of $3,499, $3,799, and $5,499 respectively; not too bad for 1080p HD-ILA sets. The second series has even fewer details but there is enough for us to speculate with. JVC says these will be in the same screen sizes but offer inputs for the "custom installer market." So the sets will probably have RS-232 ports for touch screen controls, IR inputs and outputs, and more then one HDMI input. No prices available for these.

There are new 720p models on the way too. For $2,799-$3,499 you can get a 52-inch, 56-inch and a 61-incher. Now give us LED backlighting and we're all set.

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