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JVC reveals more J4 robot details

Liam McNulty

It was over a year ago that we first saw JVC's "J4" Bluetooth-controlled robot. The company busted it out once again for a demonstration over in Japan, and a few more details have been revealed about what makes it tick. Besides Bluetooth, it can be controlled by voice or mobile phone (over the phone network). On its head are two CMOS cameras that record video in MotionJPEG, and an internal lithium ion battery gives it a life of about 90 minutes. Of course it also does other normal "Japanese robot things" like sing, dance, and act like it can understand what you're saying. JVC said that although they currently don't have plans to make the robot available to consumers, this latest demonstration is to help them get a feel for what consumers think of the robot. Well JVC, you already know our response.

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