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Nintendo 2006: hopes and expectations

Blake Snow

Pro-G is predicting that 2006 will be one of the biggest years in Nintendo's History. The website says differentiation from the competition will be the main reasoning for the success. Here are a few of the article's many specific hopes and expectations of Mario Inc.:

  • New Super Mario Bros. will be a big mid-2006 DS release
  • E3 signals the end of the road for the Game Boy Advance
  • Metroid Prime Hunters ends up disappointing, with limited online play
  • Twilight Princess is the fastest selling GameCube title of all-time
  • Japan and North America receive the Zelda titles in September and October respectively
  • Revolution is released in Japan in late September and US in early November
  • Europe waits until December 10 for the Rev
  • The Revolution retails for $200 (US)
  • Only four games are released with the Revolution
  • The Virtual Console saves the system, with early adopters lapping up a huge selection of classic titles
The gamer site closes by saying, "Well, that's what we think, but who are we to predict the future of one of the most unpredictable gaming giants." Interesting takes, although pulled mostly from thin air. Still, what would you add/change?

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