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PSP outsells DS in US by 1 million

Blake Snow

In a report published Jan. 13, the The Mercury News says the PSP outsold the Nintendo DS in the US by more than 1 million units during 2005, this according to their own research. In contrast, the DS managed to sell out in Japan. Here's how the site breaks down the US sales numbers:

  • PSP -  3.63M units (35% marketshare)
  • DS - 2.43M units (23.5% marketshare)
  • GBA - 4.26M units (41% marketshare)
If accurate, Americans seemingly care more about multi-functionality while the Japanese appreciate a large selection of both proven and experimental games on a next-gen portable. That is at least on the surface.

[Updated: "next-gen" portable being that the combined marketshare of the DS and GBA equals 64.5% assuming Mercury News data is accurate. Our apologies.]

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