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Nintendo DS makes million milestone in the UK

Jennie Lees

Despite stock shortages caused by the handheld's popularity--a story we're increasingly familiar with--the Nintendo DS seems to be doing well for itself in the UK. Sales have topped one million since the launch of the DS in March, although that looks less impressive when compared to the 3.5 million sales in Europe overall. In an interesting parallel, World of Warcraft--a single game--has just attained one million customers in Europe.

The games are a big factor in the DS's appeal, and its £99 price point is also particularly attractive to consumers. We're still waiting for the release of Animal Crossing: Wild World, which has made a huge splash abroad, but fortunately you can play games from Japan or America on your European DS if you just can't wait those extra few weeks. This, of course, makes us wonder what the delay is.

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