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Verizon adding GPS to LG Migo

Marc Perton

Giving kids a limited-use cellphone like the LG Migo might not be the most effective way to keep track of them; after all, the kids still have to answer the phone (or -- god forbid -- call you) if you want to get in touch with them. But Verizon is reportedly about to close the loop on the Migo with a new service called Verizon Chaperone, which the company is said to be rolling out this spring. According to a report in Red Herring, Verizon Chaperone will use the Migo's built-in GPS chip to allow the phone to be tracked. The service will cost from $10 to $15 per month, will be accessible via a cellphone or web site, and will include a geofencing feature, so that parents can get text messages if their kids enter forbidden territory. Sounds pretty effective -- until the kid leaves the phone in his locker or on a bench in the park. But until they start selling implantable GPS chips for kids (or until -- god forbid -- kids actually start calling their parents), this will have to do.

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