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Rock out with Guitar Hero, sans game

Now that you've gone and freed your Guitar Hero controller from its wired bondage, it's time to free it from the repetition of working with just the game. It's time to turn that controller into a real guitar!

Using a USB to PS2 controller converter, a couple programs, and a PS2 as a makeshift foot pedal, Jason has fashioned an entirely new beast. He writes, "... this new nerdstrument has distanced itself from a guitar. Strumming is not used to generate tones -- fret button presses do this. The strum bar is instead used to change octaves. The controller's start and select buttons are mapped to cycle through instrument voices. " It's seems more like a keytar in this capacity.

A warning to prospective jammers: this will remove the illusion that you're a rock god. Jason laments, "It's kind of humbling to go from playing Helmet's 'Unsung' at Guitar Hero's expert level to playing 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star', you know?"

[Thanks, Jason]

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