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Mark Green discusses 24: The Game

Ross Miller

Adapting from the small screen to...well...the small screen, Mark Green and his team at SCEE Cambridge (Primal) are attempting to stay as faithful to 24 as possible. 24: The Game is looking, to, he hopes, capture the feeling of the TV show (and yes, it might indeed take somewhere around 24 hours to complete).

Eurogamer sat down with Mark Green to talk about the title. Expect multi-angle shots, an immersive interrogation system (although not as graphic as the TV show). Green notes that the key aspects to making include "the multiple story arcs, the interweaving story threads, the double-bluffs, dead-ends and U-turns, the variety of activities," but not adhering to the real-time portion of the TV show - hopefully, though, they can retain some real-time aspect - Indigo Prophecy pulled it off really well.

While very interesting, some of his comments made us a little nervous. The game does feature voice work from all the principal players on the TV show, but Green elaborates on an incident where Kiefer Sutherland refused to record a line of dialogue, stating "There's no way these words are coming out of my mouth" - a funny story, but is that indicative of the rest of the script? What we want to know is how did the line compare to, say, any of the number of lines Kiefer agreed to utter in The Cowboy Way.

The game will arrive on store shelves February 28th in the US, followed by a Europe release on March 17th.

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