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Super Bowl XL HDTV technology

Kevin C. Tofel

We all know that the big game is in high-def, but did you know about all of the cutting edge tech involved? We've griped in the past about the lack of HDTV cameras coverage at a sporting event due to the cabling requirements. ABC will have one roving high-def RF camera to get shots in the crowd, behind the benches and anywhere else a tethered HD camera cant go (like the men's room). Camera lenses will also feature Canon's built in Optical Image Stabilization for long HD shots. How about super slow-motion in high-def so we can all through the red towel for a controversial call? Yup, you'll have that too since ABC is trying out a Sony prototype that captures 180 fps in either 720p or 1080i. With all of this high-tech high-def, don't ask us about the game on Super Bowl Monday. We wont be able to tell you who won, but we'll be certain to identify which camera snapped the best pics.

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