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Three years in the life of the Xbox 360

Dan Choi

A reliable rep has informed us that Microsoft's online training site for retail employees has added a few videos concerning "the 360 life" and what that will mean for the next three years.

MS VP Bill Brownell shares on-screen time with Adam Fassa, Jake Jacobson (who designed the 360 kiosk), and Scott Travers, as they discuss the 360's challenges of running ahead of the competition in year one, fending off Sony and "those other guys" with Halo 3 in year two, and really taking off in popularity (and profits) in year three. If this presentation to the frontline Xbox sales force is to be believed, MS is losing a lot less on consoles than what is commonly estimated.

Any game-selling folk out there willing to fill us in on the rest of the details of what was being shared? Better yet, did you believe what they were telling you?

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