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UWB HD streaming season starts in spring

Kevin C. Tofel

Lest ye think we're Microsofties due to our WMCE dabbling with HD, here comes one from MacDailyNews: Belkin's CableFree USB Hub and Dongle hit retail shelves this spring. Why do we care: the key word is "CableFree", which is really two words unless you're playing Scrabble. This hub and dongle utilize UWB, or Ultra-wideband technology which in this case is USB speeds without wires. Get the picture? Belkin claims that this UWB implementation is 100 times faster than anemic Bluetooth, which makes it superb for kickin' out large datastreams through thin air. The Belkin CableFree USB Hub and Dongle (we just love that word) will retail for $129.99, which is much less than the 85Mbps HomePlug 1.0 equipment that the big, brown truck delivered to our labs today.

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