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Five shows we wish were SDTV

Kevin C. Tofel

Hey, it's a nice way of saying these shows don't merit an HD feed, OK? These five shows should just stop broadcasting in high-def and go back to standard definition television. If they stay in HD, we'll keep watching them because we'll take a bad HD show over a good SD any day. Check out the list and tell us which ones we missed.

  • "King of Queens": We think Kevin James is funny of course, but do we need to see him in HD? No, we don't think so.
  • "E.R".: It's actually a good show, not a great show like it was ten years ago, but a good show. The problem? After a long hard day of work, it's nice to sit and relax in front of the widescreen. E.R. is just too damn stressful!
  • "According to Jim": See "King of Queens" above for similar reasons. Besides, we're hearing that this one might be on it's last legs in SD or HD.
  • "American Idol": Not only do we have to see untalented knuckleheads that have no sense of reality, but we have to hear them is crystal clear Digital Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound too. Please, stop the music!
  • "Joey": If you don't even warrant your own show category on TV Squad, how can we possibly watch? We would have opted for a Chandler Bing spin-off instead.

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